An exclusive interview with interactive TV legend Greg Scott

_____gregbigGreg “Greggles” Scott (born 6th March 1969 in Macclesfield, Cheshire) is an English TV Presenter.  He is best known for being a presenter on the late night interactive ITV1 TV show ‘Quizmania’.

The son of a comedian, Greg worked as a Redcoat at Butlins and then as a warm up artist on the Channel 4 programme Countdown for 13 years.  He has worked on interactive (participation, Call) TV since it’s inception and has fronted a number of terrestrial programmes in the UK.

How did you get involved with Interactive TV?

WELL – the first example of any kind of interaction was Price Drop TV – shopping telly – something I’d never DREAMED of doing, but as work was kinda slow at the time…

After three days of the two week training programme, I felt like jacking it in – I thought I’d NEVER be able to do it – that it just wasn’t me. But after reminding myself that the diary was virtually empty and that the only other option to earn an income was prostitution (And I’d failed the trainingprogramme for that), I knew that I simply had to plough on. Plough on, I did – and in July 2003, I made my live debut. First item I had to flog was a sheepskin rug. 70 of the rascals. After what seemed like six decades, all 70 were sold. I stayed at Price Drop for a total of two years (Before a six- month return in 2009).

As for TRUE interactive / Call / Quiz TV, I was offered a role as a host on “Quizmania” two days after I’d left Price Drop TV. The approach was totally unexpected and most welcome. Chuck, Debbie and Simone, the creators of the show, had seen me being a dingbat on Price Drop and thought that my style suited what they had in mind for QM. So we launched in August 2005 on a little-watched satellite channel, and happily tootled along for a few months before surprisingly and, some might say, remarkably, being taken on to the ITV network.