Finding your Niche – The Hungry Fan: Daina Falk

With regular appearances on major US networks and cable shows – Daina Falk has become an internet sensation.

Daina originally wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a sports agent. Her father didn’t want Daina working as a sports agent as he had witnessed the industry turn ruthless and aggressive – he naturally wanted to protect his daughter from this. Instead of following her parents wishes and attending law school she was adamant she wanted to work in Sports.

Daina also had a love of food and wanted to find a way of combining food and sports. ‘She decided to start a website called ‘The Hungry Fan” in which she writes a series of blogs about Tailgating and American sports fan culture, highlighting the food and drink.Tailgaters generally set up outside a stadium where a game is being played, switch on the portable TV, unpack the food, drink and Barbecues and soak up the atmosphere inside the stadium while watching the game from outside. Daina started to write recipes for Tailgaters and encouraged sporting stars to write about their favorite recipes for Tailgating. This led to Daina negotiating a deal with Universal sports to produce and host content for them for the Olympics.
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