Hot Property! Channel 4’s Laura Hamilton

apits-3It’s not every day you get to talk about someone as a blonde bombshell but television presenter Laura Hamilton certainly ticks many of the right boxes with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and ample charms. She currently hosts Channel 4’s ‘A Place In The Sun’ where she can be seen showing hopeful UK buyers some of the hottest properties from abroad. Previously she has put her body on

the line in the name of television entertainment for channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ and ITV’s ‘Dancing On Ice’; showing there’s way more to this girl than just glitz and glamour having survived both of the gruelling celebrity competitions and coming a more than creditable second in the latter.

There is little doubt then that it is not just her sickeningly good looks that have enabled her to achieve the success that has come her way. Having decided to skip university even though she had been given a place, she set her sights on working in TV and was offered a one-year contract at Channel 4 starting out as a runner making tea for Dermot O’Leary. A brave choice perhaps but one she felt compelled to do, relatively safe in the knowledge that she could always go back
to university if all else failed. So TV became her calling and she ended up working
on a variety of TV productions such as Top of The Pops, Big Brother  and The Games; quickly progressing to assistant floor manager.

“I started off being a runner learning all about the industry, learning what everyone does and I think that actually really helped me as a presenter because I appreciate what everybody’s role is from runner to researcher to floor manager all the way up to exec producer even to crew members like camera man, sound men – it just helps you appreciate what everyone does.”

Becoming an actual TV presenter was always her ambition though and through a chance meeting she was encouraged to pursue her ambitions with more “It got to the point where I was like you know what if I never ever get into presenting – breaking it – I’m in an industry that I love and I was happy with that but I ended up doing a local pantomime and I met an actor who was in Eastenders and he said to me you should pursue what you want, try and break it: get an agent, do this and do that.”

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