Lisa Marley: TV Presenter to YouTube Sensation

eggs-and-bakingAs a struggling actress trying to find work Lisa Marley initially used the presenting platform to raise her profile. With little savings behind

her she invested into attending a presenting training course where she got enough foot- age to produce a pre- senter showreel. As an actress constantly being turned down from act- ing auditions she was surprised to be given a

TV presenters job on a shopping TV channel as soon as she sent her first showreel out!

Lisa believes that the three years she spent working on shopping TV shows are where she learnt her craft “Your doing hundreds of hours of live telly. Everything that can go wrong actu- ally does go wrong! You have to think on your feet and you have to talk for hours so its the

perfect training so when you do a pre-recorded show its so easy because this is nothing compared to what you were doing”.

When Lisa finished working at the shop- ping channel within a week she had landed another three presenta- tion jobs working on a sports channel covering sports news and two game shows. Lisa has worked solidly on live

TV for over fifteen years but has never used an agent to get her work in this field. Lisa believes that through word of mouth and meeting people opened the right doors for her work.

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