Presenting on Shopping, Quiz, Gaming, Astrology & Psychic TV Shows

Presenting on Shopping Quiz Gaming, Astrology and Psychic TV Shows**  NEW BOOK  **  Presenting on Shopping, Quiz, Gaming, Astrology & Psychic TV Shows

This book is a must have guide for any presenter currently working or thinking of working in Shopping, Quiz, Gaming, Astrology or Psychic TV.

We examine how to engage with your audience, build trust and as a result increase on- air sales.

Packed with advice and tips the book also has useful information on producing a showreel and attending a casting.

Drawing on the techniques and ideas used in his popular seminars, the author Richie Litchfield gives an excellent insight into the world of TV Presenting.

* Produce a Showreel that gets you noticed
* Deal with live callers on TV
* Shopping TV Guest Presenting techniques
* Work successfully with your co-hosts
* Engage and enthuse your audience using simple
* Use a Teleprompter correctly

….plus much more!

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