Working the floor – Trade Show Presenting

The idea of presenting in a noisy large hall with a huge amount of people pushing and shoving their way around various different stands would be enough to put off the toughest presenters however to some hardened folk who do it regularly it comes as second nature and they have made it the core part of their business.

We interviewed three popular presenters who specialise in ‘working the floor’ at various different expo’s and trade shows worldwide to ask them about this area of presenting and to share some of their experiences. “The Presenter” met up with leading High Definition (HD) make-up artist, presenter and live demonstrator John Woodbridge at The Production Show; NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Presenter Trainer and Presenter, Michelle Paradise at The National Wedding Show 2011; and professional business coach, public speaker, T.V presenter, author and consultant Pete Cohen.